eVa23 Anticipation – #eVa23 : 16 – 17 May 2018

DAY ONE – 16th May: Presentations

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Topic : Anticipation – The Future Causes the Present.

Speaker : Professor Ted Fuller – Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Foresight University of Lincoln

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Topic : Cultivating sustainable communities of practice within hierarchical bureaucracies: the crucial role of an executive sponsorship

Speaker : Dr. Meri Duryan – Research Fellow UCL.

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Topic : “What If”

Speaker :
Joseph (Joe) L Kerins, Jr – Director of Customer Solutions for Artemis International
Tim Griggs -Product Manager at Artemis International

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Topic : What happens when the Risk Manager goes on holiday?

Speaker : Martyn Paramore – Enterprise Risk Manager Lockheed Martin UK

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Topic : Anticipation at Airbus

Speaker : Hilary Baker – Head of PMO, Project Management Operations (Airbus)

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Topic : Ready for anything and future proofed.

Speaker : Ranjit Sidhu – Change management, project management and people skills training and coaching. ChangeQuest

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Topic : After the Hurricane

Speaker : Tim Brent – Director of Logistics, Jacobs

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Topic : The future is interactive

Speaker : John Sweeney – COO & Chief Futurist at Etch Work

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Topic : Cost Estimating and Prediction of Construction Labour Hours for Major Projects

Speaker : Shane Forth – PMO Director, Costain.

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Topic : Project Chaos or Project Control

Speaker : Nipun Dawes – PMO, Planning and Project Controls, Gardiner & Theobald LLP

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Topic : Know the rules to break the rules.

Speaker : Stephen Carver Cranfield & Dean Fenton FireFighter

DAY TWO – 17th May – Presentations

Topic : Gaining Insight from the Government Portfolio.

Speaker : Tom Tolfree – Chief Analyst and Chief Economist Infrastructure and Projects Authority

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Topic : Case study of Effective Global PM

Speaker : Chris Miller – CEO Artemis

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Topic : Portfolio management for the rest of us

Speaker : Mohannad Elmahdy Hassan – Major Projects Advisory | P3M Controls Lead at KPMG UK

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Topic : Implementing EVM. Take 5

Speaker : Dr Timothy Sheldon -Defence Equipment & Support – Corporate lead for Project controls UK Ministry of Defence

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Topic : Creating the environment to get non-project controllers to do project controls effectively

Speaker : Dan Scarfe – BMT Hi-Q Sigma and Steve BakerBMT Hi-Q Sigma

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Topic : Mastering Uncertainty

Speaker : Stephen Bungay -Ashridge Strategic Management Centre

Topic : Winning the Peace

Speaker : Sarah Mallock – Hotrod Creations Ltd
& Sergeant Simon Harmer – Combat Medic, British Army
& Mike Everest

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Topic : Adding Benefit to Earned Value

Speaker : Crispin Piney, PfMP, PgMP

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Topic : PVaR™ – Project Value at Risk: a new indicator and approach to connect risks to business outcomes

Speaker : Nicki Kons – Risk and EVM consultancy (atrisks.com) & Shai Davidov – Senior Teaching Fellow Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University

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Topic : Transforming prisons

Speaker : Lee McDonagh – Operations Director for Mace