To continue in the efforts of bringing the professional community together, we will now go further afield and start a new transatlantic series as a joint effort between the College of Performance Management (CPM) in the US and EVA in the UK.

This new series titled “Building Bridges not Walls” will start on Thursday 27th May and will be based on the same format as our previous online events, with the aim of sharing ideas through conversation in a community unfettered by normal affiliations and restrictions. Steve Wake and Gordon Kranz CPM President will discuss EVM joined by Tim Sheldon Head of the UK Submarine Agency.

Regular broadcasts every Thursday. Guests who are senior, diverse, open, interested, passionate, different, motivating, inspiring, and reassuring. A growing network to change for the better. Discussion with interest for both sides of the pond.

Given the ongoing restrictions on social gatherings and in true agile practice, we have now remade and remodelled our 25th edition of EVA.