Putting down the roots for Good Governance [eVa20]

  • Conference: Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 June 2015
  • Location: Armourer’s Hall, Moorgate, EC2R 5BJ London [map]
  • Workshops: Monday 15 & Thursday 18 & Friday 19 June 2015

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it!” [Santayana, 1905]
Magna Carta [800 years] Agincourt [400 years] & Waterloo [200 years]

eva20 - Battle of Waterloo, Battle of Agincourt, Signing of Magna CartaThe Great and the Good from the last 20 years have been invited to come and discuss the profession of project management. A look back and a look forward. And to sign their own charter in support of the profession.

Stephen Carver and his Knights of the Round Table will be there to tell the story of Magna Carta and its place in modern Governance. The Holy Grail of Portfolios Programmes and Projects will be discussed and a framework enabling them to truly extract benefits will be presented. The ways that we can best control and report on projects will be revealed.

Demands will be made for better proof that Project Management works. Strong arguments will be made that we need evidence not snake-oil.

There will be music and laughter too! Click here for further detail …

Fusing the Project World [Q>10]

Dates: Thursday & Friday 3rd & 4th of September 2015
Location: ITER HQ, CEA Cadarache, Saint-Paul-lez-Durance, France [map]

The Fusing the Project World conference will provide a truly global perspective of what can be achieved when the world’s greatest minds work together in order to achieve a razor-sharp shared goal [Q>10].

Steve Wake says “The lessons learned at ITER will change the way that delegates relate to projects and programmes … period.”

The inspiration for this event follows on from Making Projects Fly with Airbus in Toulouse. On this occasion Joe Onstott, Financial Officer for the ITER Project gave a presentation entitled “ITER Fusion: An energy source for the Planet

Joe’s presentation describes the audacity, mind-bogging complexity and sheer scale of the ITER project.

It came with a warm welcome both to those who had assembled in Toulouse, as well as the global PM community to visit the south of France to spend quality time and learn with the ITER fraternity.

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