Workshop: Prendo’s SCHOLA simulation





1 – Prendo’s SCHOLA simulation
By: Richard Palczynski, Simon Taylor and Niall Faris from Th3rd Curve.
This simulation will provide a risk -free experience of planning and controlling a project.
Developed with Cranfield School of Management, the simulation brings to life many challenges of project management including:

  • integrating the key tools of planning & control
  • managing risk & balancing stakeholder interests
  • project teamwork & decision-making
Who is it for? Key outcomes Logistics
Anyone working in project environments, including:

  • project & program managers
  • project controls specialists
  • project team members
  • project sponsors
  • students of project management
Participants gain a number of skills and insights about:

  • scheduling: critical path analysis, gantt charts
  • earned value analysis and project controls
  • budgeting & cashflow
  • resourcing & time, cost, quality trade-offs
  • decision-making & teamwork in a project scenario
the simulation workshop can be run with anything from 8 to 80 participants, and over a 1 to 2 day timeframe.

it can be run with teams in one classroom, or separate rooms, or in online events with remote participants
each team needs a computer

Why simulate?

  • Makes learning more fun, efficient and memorable
  • Discovering is more effective than “being told”
  • Experiences are transparent: users see cause and effect
  • Helps reduce the risk of making mistakes in the real world
  • Provides a chance to apply theory and practise skills
  • Makes skills and tools easier to transfer to the workplace
  • Better than words: more effective than just talking…



Date: Tuesday 9th April

Venue: TBC (it will be close by to EVA)

Cost: £500