Steve Messenger

Chairman, Agile Business Consortium

Agile Portfolios

Synopsis / Abstract




In this presentation, we will explore how to create and run portfolios of projects, programmes and business as usual initiatives in an agile way. 


Some of the themes explored will be:


          The Agile Organisation and how it can help CEOs and other senior executives reach their goals, do more for less and be competitive and responsive in an a constantly changing world.

          What is Agile Portfolio Management, how it contributes to the agile business, how it differs from traditional portfolio management .

          Key tips on how to make  Agile Portfolio Management work in your organisations

Target Audience


Portfolio and PMO Managers, Senior executives, anyone else involved in portfolios

What will the delegate take away from this session:


An understanding of what Agile Portfolio Management is and how to make it successful in their organisations

Agile Business Consortium
Agile Business Consortium

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