A global force for good. Standards for public benefit

Summary: The presentation will examine the proposition that the successful implementation of projects are a force for the “public benefit” and that standards, including project management standards can be enablers for improving project delivery outcomes.
The presentation will then provide an overview of the current development of an International Standards Organisation (ISO) Earned Value Management (EVM) standard by Working Group 7 of the ISO Technical Committee 258 (project and program management) from the perspective of the member of the core writing team.
The presentation will conclude with the presenter’s perspective of the major project improvement initiatives which are currently taking place around the world including United Kingdom, Australia and the USA.

Kym Henderson


ISO EVM standard core workgroup

A global force for good. Standards for public benefit.

Kym Henderson
Kym Henderson

Kym Henderson is an information technology project manager with significant experience in project recoveries utilizing simplified EVM techniques. Recent engagements include project planning and control specialist consulting roles on larger scale Australian Defence projects including the pragmatic application of Earned Value Management (EVM) and associated services including the planning and conduct of Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBRs). His first degree is a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Science (Computing) from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Kym has significant experience as a volunteer component leader initially with the Project Management Institute (PMI). He is currently the Executive Vice President of the Washington DC based College of Performance Management (CPM), having previously served as the Vice President of Global Outreach and Research and Standards.

Kym is also chair of the organising committee of the Australian Project Governance and Controls Symposium (PGCS) which is held annually at the University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) in the national capital, Canberra.

He participated as a member of the core team of the PMI EVM Global Practice Standard 2nd edition project which was released in 2011. He is currently a member of the core writing team for the International Standards Organisation (ISO), Technical Committee 258 (project and program management) Working Group 7 which is developing an ISO EVM standard.

In addition to promoting the global mission of improving project delivery outcomes by advocating EVM and other project performance management techniques including Earned Schedule, Kym teaches his “Applying Earned Value Concepts to Commercial [IT] Projects” at various locations in the USA and Asia Pacific region.

He is also an APMG certified EVM trainer and is a long standing member of the Australian Army Reserve serving as a Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Australian Army Medical Corps at the Health Branch of the Australian Army Reserve’s 2nd Division which is headquartered in Sydney.


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