Karolina Jackson-Ward, Product Manager, Projectplace

Karolian Jackson-WardKarolina has more than twenty years’ experience in the IT industry and a variety of other roles as project manager for Projectplace, at Planview.

She ensures customer value can stay in focus in developments and that product value is communicated clearly.

She is passionate about delivering value, efficient collaboration, leadership, customer focus and having fun. 

Effective Leaders create Value-Driven Teams

What does it take to get a team that focuses on delivering value to the customer?

In her presentation at “Bringing Projects to Life” conference, she will focus on how effective leaders can apply Lean and Agile methods, supported by modern research on motivation and productivity, to boost team performance. The presentation includes;

  • A clue to motivation
  • Shaping behaviour – there’s a right and a wrong way to go about it
  • Metrics that matter
  • The role of the leader

The bottom line – when your team delivers you look good!

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