Merron Simpson

Projects don’t deliver benefits


Merron Simpson - smallMerron Simpson is founding director of New Realities Limited She is a thought leader, a national and local advisor on ‘people, places and housing’ including strategic planning.

Merron is the UK’s Lead on OpenStrategies and a Certified Facilitator/Practitioner. She uses OpenStrategies with organisations to improve their strategic planning, undertake service reviews and demonstrate their social impact.

She is Housing and Health Lead for the NHS Alliance and is a former Head of Policy at the Chartered Institute of Housing. She has been a member of the TCPA Policy Council and a Trustee of a small housing association.

Merron has worked with housing associations, local authorities and social enterprises as well as many national organisations and has researched and authored publications on a wide range of topics.

She has a Masters in Housing Studies, a Degree in Biochemistry, a Diploma in Applied Management, and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing.