Agile PM &Business Psychology

Agile project management involves the unique interplay of interactions between diverse individuals who must work together, and have a want, need, remit and/or desire to meet a specified goal or set of objectives.

This is fertile soil for Business Psychology. the study and practice of improving working life. It combines an understanding of the science of human behaviour with experience of the world of work to attain effective and sustainable performance for both individuals and organisations.

Business Psychology is key to successful project management because it helps with the understanding of the behavioural similarities and particularly the psychological characteristics that vary between people e.g. personality, motivation, intelligence and EQ. In so doing it offers insights into factors which affect an individual’s behaviour, including their sense of self and social relationships and the effect these will have on the project team as well as its ability to deliver outcomes effectively and efficiently.

Funmi Koya,

Funmi Koya
Funmi Koya

Funmi was the CEO of KoyaP3M Ltd a small consultancy company that started life in the Agile Development environment and transitioned into consulting in the Agile and strategic change management arena. He is an Associate of the Business Psychology Centre at the University of Westminster, where he is also a Visiting Lecturer.

As a Director at Excincol Consulting Funmi uses his expertise in Lean-Agile and 6-Sigma in coaching/training roles and is currently engaged on the NHS England’s General Practice Improvement Programme, delivering training, coaching and mentoring at GP practices. His knowledge of Assistive and Adaptive technologies, and competency frameworks have afforded him the opportunity to work with people with disabilities to assist with getting them into the ‘mainstream’ workforce – this included 2 years at Remploy Ltd.

Funmi is a P3M specialist (Portfolio, Programme, Project Management) with experience in IT/IS Consultancy, Defence, Government, media, oil and gas, not-for-profit and the Banking sector. His interests lie in the effective delivery of strategic programmes through the individuals who make up project teams using Agile, Lean and Business Psychology tools.

His hobbies include travel, photography and snowboarding (Swiss Alps, Alaska and Canada) and he has a love for animals in the wild (safari parks in Kenya and South Africa).

Chris Benton, Excincol

Chris Benton
Chris Benton

Chris was the Head of Product Development at Lumina Learning, a leading developer of psychometric instruments. Lumina Learning is a global organisation with instruments used in over 30 countries. Chris led the creation of Lumina’s core product range including instruments on personality, leadership, sales and emotional intelligence. Chris also developed and ran facilitation and coaching courses including the qualification and onboarding of new practitioners.

While working as an independent consultant Chris focused on one-to-one and group coaching sessions targeting business strategy, change management and improving interpersonal communication.

As a Senior Partner at Excincol Consulting Chris harnesses a blend of business psychology expertise and management experience to deliver bespoke sessions. He is an Associate of the Business Psychology Centre at the University of Westminster. Chris provides practitioner expertise to postgraduate alumni and students on the translation of theoretical material into practical applications.

Chris is interested in new technologies and entrepreneurial applications of machine learning and ‘smart’ big data systems.


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