Earned Benefit

This one day interactive workshop will be led by Steve Wake and Kik Piney


Steve Wake is one of Project Controls best known movers and shakers.

He works tirelessly to keep the profession up to date and relevant.

Above all he wants project management to be a life-skill for all and supports anyone and everyone who shares this vision.



Workshop timings: 1330-1700 Tuesday 9th April, 2019

Earned Benefit

Seminar Topic:

The Benefit of Benefits Mapping – Ensuring Project and Program Success

Continuing on the theme of Romeo and Juliet chosen for the Synergy conference, we address Romeo’s plaintive question: ”What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” In our environment, this is not true: we deal with a number of names: project, program, portfolio and the smell of success for each one is different. One reason projects are considered to fail is that they are judged like programs. The reason most programs fail is that they are run as projects.

Too many project justifications are based on the “hype” element of hypothesis. What is required instead is a clear, measurable strategic business objective and a complete, verifiable, quantified path linking this strategic end-point to the project components required to achieve it. This is the role of the Benefits Map: it is the basis for the key technique that is missing from current program management and benefits realization literature – Earned Benefit Management.

This session guides you through building a typical Benefits Map and illustrates how to apply the Earned Benefit technique to plan and track from project execution right through to benefits realization in a consistent and objective manner.


Participants will receive a copy of Kik’s book Earned Benefit Program Management


What you will learn:
 become aware of the progress in the areas of decision making and cognitive skills, data science and AI as well as new processes and standards that were recently published.
 learn how to go “beyond brainstorming” and apply two step techniques to solving problems, leading group efforts and identifying risks: FFA: Force Field Analysis and CAA: Constraints and Assumption analysis.
 be introduced to PVaR ™: Project Value at Risk – a new data based approach and indicator to connect project planning to business outcomes.
 learn how to integrate data, decision making skills and existing processes into your own project management “dashboard”.

Cost for each workshop is £300 + VAT
Cost to eVa23 delegates is £250+ VAT