EVA25 Looking Back and Looking Ahead – #eVa25

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Sir John Bourn |Former Auditor General David Hancock | Construction Director Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA). Jack Pinter (musician), Kate Beales (National Theatre), Shane Beales (Lecturer in song writing) and musician Roger Eno (yes Brian’s brother)
The first speaker at the first EVA 25 years ago returns to look back and look ahead. (and maybe the current C&AG) Helping improve the delivery of government projects and the development of the Citizens of the Future. The Knowhow Showhow, An introduction to the 12 Fusion Skills and their synergistic impact through performance.

Professor Dr Anne Bamford| OBE Strategic Education and Skills Director City of London. Stephen Carver |Senior Lecturer Consultant and Speaker. Cranfield School of Management Sophie Sabbage
The leading Educator driving the use of Fusion Skills in into the classroom and workplace. Lifelong learning for 7-70 year olds with the help of OECD and UNESCO. The biggest disruption to education for 70 years, national and global. Smart Cities need Smart Citizens.
The impact and benefits for individuals and employers and the need for an overarching national standard.

The retreat from Corunna, 1810 the Peninsular War. The birth of Logistics and supply. Noted for his unusual yet wildly informative presentations Stephen will tell the story of Corunna and bring it into modern focus aided and abetted by a few re-enactors. Most ‘transformation’ isn’t – and how to create shifts that don’t shift back again. Sophie is a Sunday Times best-selling author of two life-transforming books. Her academic background is in psychology, English Literature and organisational change. She has a reputation for saying what needs saying to shift what needs shifting for her clients to thrive.

Roger Joby David Jones| Head of (Profession) Estimating, Benchmarking and Efficiency PMO, TIES Representative & Values Champion, HS2 Ltd.
Gary Hill | CAAS DIO-Programme Manager, MOD

Martin Paver
From the world of pharmaceuticals will discuss Relational Risk. The degree to which decision makers are concerned with their supplier’s behaviour. Roger discusses research that has shown this to be the most significant factor in successful delivery. He describes a framework that deals with these issues. The two main driving forces behind the Cross Whitehall Technical Group outline their objective to improve the quality and use of estimating. What has been achieved so far and a look ahead for their attempt to raise standards. Data Analytics Champion and How Data Trusts Will Transform Project Controls. Data trusts are beginning to emerge within the project delivery domain and they have the potential to disrupt the industry. What are they, what is the current status, what could the future look like and how could this impact the project controls profession?

Oliver Baker| BEng MSc CEng MIET MAPM, Head of Planning & Scheduling, Submarine Production Suppliers Tony Welch |VP Bids & Projects, Thales UK Alistair Forbes Head of Programme Controls Network Rail
Harmonising the relationship for mutual success 5 Levers for Change in Disruptive Times. Changing the emphasis to 70/80% culture and behaviours and only 10/20% processes and tools. The Changing Railway – Providing Credible Control? The need for controls re-introducing capability encompassing competencies, Institution alignment, new training and the new process standards supporting the practitioners but with a key aspect on their own skills and competence.

Roger Hunter | Head of Project Controls -Delivery BAE Systems ECITB Leo Horn-Phathanothai. Head, World Resources Institute UK Office; Director for Strategy and Partnership, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities
Who controls the purse strings? A Control Account Management maturity journey 2 apprentices from FLUOR share their perspectives Smart Sustainable Cities

Ruchi Singh Naomi Vermminen |Bachelor Industrial Engineering & Management at the University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam Institute for Engineering & Applied Science, Oceanco. Evan Elliot, Data Scientist, BMT Defence & Security
Strategy & Transformation Disrupter: Challenging senior decision-makers and their gate keepers to think differently to secure strategic outcomes within financially constrained environments. Oceanco is a world-class builder of custom superyachts up to the 140 meters range. Measure to Manage. A redesign of strategy execution in order to continuously measure progress of the strategic goals. The 6 Secrets for Successful Project Data Analytics. Data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence have attracted a lot of attention in recent years. Despite all the hype, these disruptive technologies have been shown to unlock huge amounts of value for organizations spanning many industries. This presentation looks at the tools and techniques behind the buzzwords to explain the secrets for successful data analytics in project controls. These techniques will be supported by a range of case studies to explain how they can be applied in real life and the benefits they can bring.

Richard Brenchley | CEO, Wovex Beethoven
Cradle to grave benefits control and management. Joining up the dots. In his 250th anniversary we celebrate 25 years of EVA. The values of the enlightenment. Their relevance today and a performance of everyone’s favourite European anthem The Ode to Joy