Dealing with difficult stakeholders

Benita CegarraBenita Cegarra is a practical and pragmatic business trouble shooter with 20 years of experience working from board level to front-line operations in the areas of sales, customer services, supply chain and operational management. A superb communicator, Benita has successfully facilitated and implemented major change across the globe.

A recognised authority on the successful implementation of large-scale change projects and programmes, she is also the author of “Get Off the Touchline… and Make a Difference” and has written many articles on successful project and change management for different specialist publications.

Benita believes that if you are clear and passionate about what you want to do, real transformation is much easier to achieve. Open and energetic, Benita’s approach combines a clear, practical framework with the ability to build relationships, understanding and alignment across different stakeholders.

Transformation Directors hire Benita because she enables them to deliver their objectives quickly and team members enjoy working with her because she makes the complex appear simple, thus enabling on-time delivery of great bottom-line results.

Benita’s presentation will cover the thorny topic of managing difficult stakeholders with the sub-title “Pride, Prejudice and People”, as it is the recognition that people are the key factor in determining whether a project or programme will succeed.  Benita will share her thoughts on getting people to commit to change, overcoming resistance and actually finding that you have a lot of support from areas where you don’t expect it.

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